10 Foods High in Folic Acid

1. Broccoli

A single serving of broccoli contains 57.3 mcg of folate. This meets 14% of the daily value of the vitamin. Apart from this, broccoli is also wealthy in vitamins A and K. Broccoli contains carotenoids that perform as antioxidants.


2. Pinto Beans

Pinto beans contain a whopping 1,013 mcg of folate. It has 670 calories, but negligible saturated fat. Pinto beans are also rich in potassium. According to analysis conducted by Purdue University, USA, optimum potassium consumption is linked to decreased risk of stroke.


3. Seeds and Nuts

Seeds like flaxseeds (146 mcg per serving) and sunflower seeds (104 mcg per serving), or nuts like almonds (48 mcg per serving) are rich in folate. You can simply consume these raw or add them to your salad for a healthy spell of folate.


4. Asparagus

A single serving of asparagus contains about 70 mcg of folate. It contains just 27 calories, though a big portion of these calories comes from sugars. Asparagus also is an outstanding source of iron and riboflavin.


5. Yeast Extract Spread

One serving of yeast extract spread has 60.6 mcg of folate. Though high in sodium, it contains just about 9 calories. You can take it with toast, crackers, or even sandwiches. Use just a slight of the spread as it has a strong taste.


6. Liver

If you are a non-vegetarian, this could be great information for you. Both beef liver (81.2 mcg per serving) and chicken liver (165 mcg per serving) contain good amounts of folate. They are also are exceptional sources of selenium, which has been found to prevent various types of cancer and muscle and heart disorders.

7. Herbs

Certain herbs like rosemary and basil are good quality sources of folate. One serving of rosemary and basil provides 1.6 mcg and 3.6 mcg of folate.


8. Avocados

Everybody love to binge on an avocado! A single serving of the fruit offers about 122 mcg of folate. Additionally, avocados are also rich in vitamin C. Also, the phytochemicals in avocados pack a powerful punch.


9. Soybeans

Mature soybean seeds contain 697 mcg of folate while green soybeans 422 mcg of folate per serving. One serving of soybeans contains 376 calories. Soybeans are also an exceptional source of protein. As per a study conducted by the University of South Carolina, soybean protein reduces the concentrations of bad cholesterol. It also positively influences the bone and calcium balance in postmenopausal women.


10. Arugula

One serving of arugula contains 1.9 mcg of folate. This food is really low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Being a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium, it is replete with numerous benefits.

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