5 Beauty Essentials Every Makeup Bag Should Have

Your makeup can be glow, bold, natural-looking, or you can simply go with a bit of concealed and some lips gloss – different makeup combos work for different life positions. Yet there is something obviously all women must have in their makeup bags that will come in helpful no matter where you end up going. Here’s our list of 5 beauty essentials every woman should have to carry in her bag.

Primer is important

Before you still think about putting on any kind of makeup, there’s something you should do first. Face primer is the very thing that will stay your makeup fresh and your skin will be smooth all day long.

Foundation of a perfect shade

Foundation of the right shade that can make your looks absolutely flawless. Even if you don’t take makeup every day, keep a bottle of your foundation just in case – you never know when you’ll need to show off your beauty level just a bit! Clinique, L’Oréal and CoverGirl offer a wide range of foundations.

Sharp tweezers can really make a change

It’s very difficult to underestimate the role of sharp tweezers! It’s the best tool that will make your eyebrows look picture-perfect even if you don’t take any makeup. Invest in high quality tweezers that can bravery even the smallest hairs and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with this instrument!

Makeup tools

All makeup pros know that the best makeup tool you can use for creating a perfect look is on the tips of your beautiful fingers. Yes, that’s right! You can wear most of your makeup essentials with your fingers and still look gorgeous.

Waterproof mascara

If you want to carry only one type of mascara with you then you must be take a waterproof mascara. Because waterproof mascara is harder to take off and you should be careful not to hurt your eyelashes (make sure you use an oil-based makeup remover).

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