Saving Your Skin

5 Hacks for Saving Your Skin in the winter

Is it just for me or everyone looking forward to winter the second Halloween is over? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably insensitivity about snow, mittens, cute warm hats, fairy lights, and Christmas decorations.

Exfoliate Everything

Exfoliation is key when it comes to soft skin. Exfoliate your body pay special attention to dry and flaky skin on your knees and elbows at least once a week. Try to find a natural scrub that contains sugar or salt and some moisturizing oils like coconut.


Moisturize Your Whole Body

Everybody knows that we need to moisturize our whole Body but few of us actually do it properly. Not only do you need to put moisturizer on your face and neck, but you should also put a good body lotion all over your body.


Get A Humidifier

You think humidifiers are for plants only, but that’s not true. There’s little moisture in the air in the winter and it can dry out our skin quickly. So get yourself a humidifier and turn it on to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized when you stay at home.


Get A Water Based Face Cream

You think that winter season mean you should get a thicker. Oilier moisturizer is better protecting you from the cold. But the fact is, while face-creams that contain oil will keep up the appearance of smooth skin, they don’t really hydrate your skin that well.


Turn Down The Water Temperature

While hot showers feel amazing this time of winter, don’t make the water so hot. Why? Because when the water is very hot it can actually remove natural oils that your skin produces and dry out your skin. And we are kind of trying to prevent that remember. This winter season don’t stay in the bath for longer than 20 minutes.

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