8 Simple Black Hair Care Tips

If you have natural black locks, congratulations! You have the most desired hair color in the world. Many think that their hair is natural black but actually, it is a dark brown shade. There are several mythologies regarding black hair. Here is a list of tips that will prevent hair graying and it will maintain the color for a long time.


Black Hair Growth Tips

1. Be Gentle

Always make sure that you are very gentle when you are handling your hair. Never be in a rush and pamper your hair so that it grows to be strong.


2. Use Hair Care Products for your Black Hair

Since black hair tends to be more delicate and drier than other hair types, you need to make sure that the moisture is locked in so that it stays healthy. Use shampoos, conditioners and hair oils that are specially invented for black hair.


3. Always Condition

There is nothing more important for black hair since it needs to be moisturized at all times. When you condition your hair after shampooing, the moisture catches sealed in and this will give you the smooth, silky black hair that you have always preferred!


4. Say Goodbye to Your Brush

Throw away your hair brushes! Yes, you read that right. Wide-toothed combs are much superior brushes for black hair. You can use your fingers as well. Do not brush your beautiful hair forcefully. What is wrong with brushing your hair? Well, it will trim your hair out of the scalp and leave it totally damaged.


5. Find A Hairstyle That Does Not Aggravate Your Scalp

You should be careful about how you style your hair as black hair is more prone to damage than other types. To promote hair growth, you can also opt for low or side buns to ensure less breakage and splits.


6. Drink Plenty of Water

If you want your black hair to grow strong and healthy, add to your daily intake of water. This is the best way to keep your hair hydrated and you get the bonus of having beautiful skin as well! Your oxygen levels in the blood are maintained by the water, so proper scalp circulation is increased.


7. Say No to Heat

If you like the black, natural color on your hair; then do not apply hot ironing tools. It wills not only frizz dry your hair, but you will also lose its natural color glaze.


8. Hot Oil Massage

You can carry out a hot oil massage with either of coconut oil, almond oil or amla oil etc. All of these oils contribute towards the maintenance of the black color of your hair. You could also use eucalyptus oil.

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