How many calories do you burn while doing daily activities?

Calorie burning chart

The following calorie burning chart shows some different activities and how many calories you burn while doing them. Note that this table gives estimates for a 155-pound person. The actual number of calories you burn may be slightly higher or lower, depending on your body composition and activity level). But, this calorie burning table will provide you a worthy general hint of how many calories you can expect to burn.

Activity Calories Burned per Hour
Watching TV 56
Sleeping 56
Sitting at computer 102
Power walking 400
Playing with your dog 115
Softball 260
Light yoga 300
Playing basketball 510
Eating 140
Downhill skiing 315
Swimming 520
Cooking 186
Hockey 600
Running (5 mph) 600
Running (7.5 mph) 940
Water aerobics 720
Playing with kids (not rigorous) 120
Driving 120
Dancing (disco/ballroom/square) 410
Volleyball 340
Hiking 440
Rowing 632
Tennis 520
Mowing the lawn 410
Lifting weights (light) 224
Shoveling snow 446
Boxing 670
Light yoga 300
Golfing (walking w/ bag) 410
Gardening 300
Biking (fast pace) 530
Cross-country skiing 600
Standing in line 100
Stretching 300
Scuba diving 520
Circuit weight training 540
Racquetball 740
Household chores 225
Bicycling (> 20 mph) 1220


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