Top 10 Bridle Hairstyles

Everyone has moments where they find themselves bored with their hair and not knowing what to do with it. Hair is an important component of every outfit and should be styled as such. The runways and the media of 2017 have introduced some interesting trending hairstyles that are perfect for every day wear ranging from short bobs, to mid length hairstyles, to extra-long hairstyles.

The Half Up Pony with Curls

Whether styling for a big event or simply for a playful look during the day, this voluminous half up look with curls is a very feminine approach to keep hair out of the face while still looking cute. This trending look gains its popularity from its versatility. Whether your hair is long or mid length, this look can work from you.

The Braided Messy Pony

There’s no doubt that this look is messy. But the texture of the look is what makes it so popular. The braids add to the messy look by toning it down, keeping the look put together. If your hair isn’t long enough, try adding clip in extensions for temporary length.

Textured Mid Bob

The textured long bob is a hairstyle is a very trendy hairstyle in 2017 loved by women of all ages. The ideal hairstyle for spring and summer, as the effortless look is perfect for everyday wear and is easily accomplished using a flat iron for curls and hair product for additional texture.

The Floral Updo

This floral updo is a trending bridal hairstyle. Inspired by the flower crowns at Coachella, this look gives your hair a feminine and natural look perfect for an outdoor wedding. Not getting married any time soon? Add some flowers to your everyday look and test out this trend.

The Centre Part

In recent years, the simple centre part look has become a huge trend in the realm of hairstyles. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, and many others are faithful to the centre part. Whether straight, curled, or wavy this look will continue to be trendy due its simplicity.


A classic trending bridal hairstyle comes from simply adding pretty embellishments to your look. These soft tousled curls are enhanced by the embellishments intertwined with the strands of hair. While perfect for a wedding, embellishments can be added to any look for a night out or a photoshoot!

Extra-Long Hair

This look is all over the runways this season. Perhaps trending because its simplicity, the extra-long hair trend will not stop anytime soon. Many celebrities are rocking this trend using extensions to complete the look. Extra-long hair looks healthy and sexy regardless of the occasion.

The Knotted Updo

This look gains its popularity from its pure simplicity and elegance. While many updos cater to long hair, this look is ideal for short hair. Simply, this look can be accomplished by knotting and loosening strands of hair. An easy and effortless look for any upcoming special occasion.

Pin Straight

Along with the slicked look, this year pin straight hair dominated the runways during fashion week. This style is simply accomplished by blow-drying the hair straight, and going over it with a flat iron. In order to be on trend, this look must be accomplished on healthy hair to avoid the look of split ends.

The Floral Updo for Short Hair

Florals are a trending bridal hairstyle this season. While most floral hairstyles are typically geared towards long locks, this look is so popular because it incorporates the trend with a short updo! To get this look, simply curl your hair, fastening the ends of the curls to your head with a bobby pin. Then, add any floral embellishments you would like!

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