Top 10 Curly Hairstyle Design Ideas

Hairstyle Design 1

Being flawlessly shown off by Alyson Hannigan from how I met your mother, this is the Curly Cropped Bob. A style that is just like the normal Cropped bob but with the wonderful addition of curls.

Hairstyle Design 2

If you have hair is naturally curly, especially tight and voluminous curls, then the Disco Curls might be a look worth considering. This is a style that really highlight volume above all else, teasing out that extra bit of umph needed to really stand out.

Hairstyle Design 3

Maybe you have naturally curly hair and maybe you don’t, either way, if you want to really stand out from the crowd and show off your confidence, the Screen Siren Curls is a truly fabulous style worth looking into. Works well with natural and vibrantly dyed colours on anyone of any age.

Hairstyle Design 4

The Scrunchy Waves is a great style for all, but is especially perfect for women in possession of naturally wavy or curled hair. It is obtained exactly how one would expect, by scrunching the hair up. It’s versatile and low maintenance which makes it perfect for last minute styling.

Hairstyle Design 5

Interested in a more laid back style whose elegance lies in its subtly? The maybe Loosely Pinned Waves is something that should be considered. A look than can be affectively used by women young and old with any hair colour they could desire.

Hairstyle Design 6

Another style that really highlights a naturally curled texture is the Buoyant Spirals. A relaxed look that defines natural curls, this style is perfect casual events where you really want to make strong facial features radiate above all else. This style can be simple to achieve to some and nearly impossible for others, even if they have naturally curly hair, so it is best to give yourself some time to play around with the idea and make it unique to you.

Hairstyle Design 7

If you are looking for something fun and charismatic to do with short curly hair then a good recommendation for you is a Curly Pixie Cut. This style is proof that you can have that curly texture in a pixie cut and still look adorable. Though it is usually paired with natural coloured hair, do not be afraid to spice things up with vibrant or subdued dyes. Playing around with colour can be what makes your version YOUR version.

Hairstyle Design 8

Having bangs frequently surges upward in popularity and very rarely does it ever fall out of style. One trend with bangs that has been in steady popularity is pairing in with natural curls or waves. The Blunt Fringe look is a great way to accomplish this hairstyle duo. This style combination can be done in a nearly unlimited amount of ways ranging from the tightest of curls to the only the slightest of waves. No matter your personal preference, this style is a sure win in world of fashion.

Hairstyle Design 9

Short hair and curls are almost always a fantastic pairing. One style that really highlights the success of this common duet is the Full Volume Straight Top. Being very reminiscent of the mid to late 1900’s, this style is a timeless look that is perfect for daytime life or some nighttime fun. Both simplistic and complicated in its appearance, it is a perfect way to show confidence and stand out from the crowd.

Hairstyle Design 10

Perhaps you are into fantasy worlds and want to mimic one of your favourite characters or maybe you just simply like the look. Regardless of the reason, the Fantasy Bob Cut could be your next defining style. This style is absolutely perfect to use with hair of almost any texture, density, or colour. It is a fun and different look that would a good fit for any occasion, whether it be a beach party or raising the dragons of Westeros.

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