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Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017

There are always brief trends in the fitness world – some are always recycled and good sounds. Here are the top fitness trends of 2017. Do you know any of these have long life or they are just silly fads like the rest?

Hot Yoga and Pilates

Sweating off water heaviness is one of the many detoxifying benefits of hot yoga. But the trend is so hard and not for everyone. Doing challenging yoga or Pilates poses in a room temperature to around 90 degrees, things are bound up to get a little slippery.

Barefoot running

Barefoot running is the best Trends for health.

Wearable Technology

In this age of Technology age. Now we are fully depend on electronic gadget. They’re very useful in our daily life. Not exactly fitness class, but absolutely a trend! People are wearing apps and Fitbits on their wrists so that they can exactly track your heart rate, distance and more with a simple watch or bracelet.

Live Stream Classes

Now you don’t need to sit in a fitness class, unventilated room with 20 other people while you try to avoid eye contact. Goodbye DVD workouts, hello live-streaming spin classes. Now you can make your body is feet in your living room.

Mobility/Foam Rollers

While a foam roller has always been a staple in the fitness world, it seems to be gaining more traction in this year. It looks like a round or bumpy cylinder and also improve circulation.

Twerking classes

Twerking tones your quads, oblique’s and gluts and is a more fun another to squatting. Though it targets the same muscles groups, don’t laugh doing this one, we dare you!

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is a good trend for feet health. Did you know that being a stripper can be really acrobatic? It’s a full body workout that definitely includes some thigh chafing, but it will be worth it with the results you see in your oblique, legs and abs.

The Megaformer

Do you know the Megaformer  ? Well, a machine called the Megaformer. It was built to teach “pilates on crack” as they’re calling it. It will work for your own body weight as resistance, you will be shaking non-stop due to muscle fatigue.

Virtual Boxing

Who does real boxing? Boxing itself has been a trendy workout for the past years and this year, it’s going to digital! An online program called The Box Method is the first virtual boxing experience you can take on and provides 30 minute choreographed sequences to teach yourself at your home.

Aerial Yoga

If you like yoga, you should definitely consider giving Aerial Yoga a try. We think, aerial yoga is like normal yoga… times 10. Not times 10 in terms of difficulty, but in terms of how to effective, fulfilling and calming in your body.

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