Top 10 Hairstyle Designs for Long Hair

Here are we have plenty of stylish up-do’s. For those nights heading to dinner or the bar, go let your hair down so it flows and curves past your shoulders. Don’t worry, We have plenty of styles to let your hair down while still being all class. Looking for modern takes on retro hairdos? How to blend a bun with braid hairstyle? Looking for that careful mix of casual and chic? You’ll find it in this extensive list of 10 of the best hairstyles.

Hairstyle Design 1

J-Lo is the perfect mix of glamorous and understated with this tied back hairstyle. This is easy to recreate with a straightner and hair elastic. The best feature of this tied back hairstyle is that is can be worn for multiple occasions. It’s the perfect long hairstyle for the office and can be worn out to dinner with ease.

Hairstyle Design 2

Taylor Swift brings back the bangs while keeping the tied back hairstyle that says classic and understated. You don’t have to be walking the red carpet to be this stylish, wear it at the office and expect compliments all day. Trust me, this is not the last time Swift will be on this list.

Hairstyle Design 3

Another Pop Queen, Selena Gomez with the sleek satiny straight hair look. A simple straightening and parting of the hair and you are ready to go. Obviously, a hairstyle that is red carpet ready, but can be the classic style you’ve been looking for. Versatile and crisp, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle for any occasion.

Hairstyle Design 4


This Mila Kunis look is about having a little more bounce in your hair. It shows more body and character with its waves. Great hairstyle for those of you with a little more curl and more body to your hair. This chic look is first date or office ready.

Hairstyle Design 5

This messy bun with bangs could be you next casual summer look. It’s best for brunch or a girls night out. This hairstyle is easy to do, just straighten the front bangs, leave your wavy hair as it, and create the bun in the back. Then you are good to go!

Hairstyle Design 6

A modern twist on the messy bun style. It is double the fun with two buns. This casual change up on the Leia double bun look is outdoor festival ready, or for those warm summer days reading your favorite book in the park. Mix it up with a new take on the messy bun

Hairstyle Design 7

For those casual sunday mornings waking up to the strong scent of coffee wafting through the house. Sunday mornings are for relaxing, no need to be dress up. Leave your hair in this cute casual messy bun while having your coffee and opening your favorite book.

Hairstyle Design 8

Now, lets check out some braid hairstyles! This loose french braid will hold all day. So, you never have to worry about your hair falling in front of your face. It is as stylish a it is chic. The combination of loose hair let down with the braid provides the best of both worlds.

Hairstyle Design 9

I did tell you Taylor Swift would be on the list again. And with a hairstyle like this, how could she not be? This change to the side braid is modern and casual. If you are looking to change up how you style the braid, look no further.

Hairstyle Design 10

This front braid style is a modern twist on a classic. Pull it together with a classic braid and let it drop down to your shoulder. Best worn on those casual days or when out to brunch with the girls. Change up your braid game with this modern style.

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