Top 10 hairstyle designs for short hair

Hairstyle design 1

Emma Watson is a trend setter, so it’s no surprise that she is the cause of the reemergence of this hairstyle. A under toned sculptural look, reminiscent of a popular hairstyle in the mid-1900’s, tucked in just the right places to be quite stunning. It can really being a shine to those with strong jaw lines.

Hairstyle design 2

This combination of short pixie hair around the sides and back and longer cut on the top and bangs comes together rather stunningly. It has become so popular in recent years because it can be done in almost any length and can be paired with nearly unlimited colours and patterns.

Hairstyle design 3

This style, dubbed “Fun Swirl”, is a type of pixie cut that is becoming more and more popular. It too can be paired well with many colour combinations and really takes full advantage of short hair. Most often used with medium density hair, it can really give you a unique edge in modern fashion.

Hairstyle design 4

Very similar principle to undercut and bang combination, this variation does best when you have even more volume on top and is even further highlighted with the appearance of curls. Generally this style will take a fair amount of prep time and may frustrating to accomplish, though the results speak for themselves.

Hairstyle design 5

This tousled bob cut being shown off by Scarlet Johansson is another hairstyle that pairs well with colouring. To some the curls are minimal effort but to others they take extreme dedication to achieve, either way, the effect can be stunning when done correctly. This style is extremely popular because it really highlights and inner beauty and allows you to show off your individuality with colour choice.

Hairstyle design 6

The pompadour look is a time aged style that has had a recent resurgence and now is done in many different ways, this particular way pairs it with an undercut and due to its versatility has become very widespread. A style that looks flawless with both naturally coloured hair and dyed hair as well as having very unique properties, it’s no wonder this style is popular.

Hairstyle design 7

Another style that recently started to rise once again in popularity is the asymmetric cut. Almost always done with short hair, this particular style is often paired with a mix of brown and light blonde hair.

Hairstyle design 8

Another bob cut, this modern flair is very similar to the original though is a bit more subdued. Popular because it pairs well with natural coloured hair and can be used in both formal and casual situations.

Hairstyle design 9

The loose waves is a natural looking style that is accomplished only using a brush and hairspray. This soft looking style is popular because it seems almost effortless in its beauty and is very simple to style in comparison to others. Pairing best with wider face shapes, the style really comes to life with medium texture and density hair.

Hairstyle design 10

Coined “Effortless waves”, this look is truly a beautiful and very natural looking style that thrives best with those that have medium density and texture. This style is definitely tied with the most popular of the modern age because it can be worn flawlessly by all ages and hair colours, used in all situations and occasions, and is always very flattering to whomever is showing their confidence with it.

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