Top 10 Hairstyle Designs

In this article, we are going to look at top 25 haircuts with bangs and layers that would suit you as per your choice and desire. We are going to look into their benefits and see what is interesting about them that they fall among the top styles. It is important to note that there are other hundreds of haircut styles.

Hairstyle Design 1


Taylor Swift’s Blunt Bangs are the most attractive thing to look at when streaming her albums. The blunt, straight-across hair is special for oval faces. This style with tons of structure requires that it be trimmed at an interval of two weeks in order to maintain. However, looking at Katy Perry’s appearance gives us an assurance that it is worthy the demand.

Hairstyle Design 2


Kim Kardashian’s full bang haircut is not a simple task. However, we are so much impressed with the way she looks. To make it to this style, you need to ask your stylist to start from the crown of your head in the pie section. The hair becomes wide and full with soft layers at the edges. This would enable cheek bones in a wonderful way. We are often obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s over her hair.

Hairstyle Design 3


Dianna Agron’s side-swept bangs is a hot new red hair colour paired with shiny, side-swept bangs. It is easy to pull off on a shoulder length. The hair grows longer which means that they grow out flawlessly. If you need this, you need to just ask for bangs that flow seamless in that they spread throughout you hair. They look so attractive and is a good choice to go for.

Hairstyle Design 4


Michelle Obama’s rounded bangs is the most famous haircut in that it spread all over the world. It is admirable due to the outlook it influences the one in them. The fringe falls at eyelash level and extends per the chick bones for a modern and polished effect. This gives a very attractive look especially with a smiling face and open eyebrows. The colour too is admirable.

Hairstyle Design 5



Minka Kelly’s curled bangs is an easy and long fringe that easily attracts peoples attention. If you are looking to be beautiful then this haircut suits you. Once in break up you would like to pick up the pieces and begin life afresh. The fringes are relatively long and cover the face partly makinv your appearance awesome.

Hairstyle Design 6


Helena Christensen’s shorter bangs are so cute to be in. You will just need to ask for bangs that hit just above the brow if you would like this haircut. This leaves the heavier pieces at the side to round out a square face shape. One becomes absolutely sexy in them. Clients will need to leave them for about an extra week in order to have them trimmed again.

Hairstyle Design 7


Kimberly Caldwell’s layered bangs would have a very natural wave of your hair. Side-swept bangs look fun and edgy with lots of layers and cool pieces-ness. It is also a good look in between look when transitioning between the cuts. In order to make accessories, you need to look in between the trims, try hair barrettes and other coloured pins to make them advanced.

Hairstyle Design 8


Chloe Moretz’s barely there bangs are superb for teens. It takes a middle length hairstyle up a notch with a subtle-yet-sophiscated swoop of hardly there side bungs. They make you look young and you would be attractive even if you thought you are old for them. They need a lot of practises to maintain them.

Hairstyle Design 9



Amber Reley’s voluminous bangs haircut is advisable for you if you want bouncy side-swept bangs. You will simply need to ask for fringe that falls just above your eyebrows in case you need this style. The best part of it is that it works with any texture of hair and is very easy to maintain. You can just use a dab of DE frizzing shiny serum then blow-dry to be voluminous.

Hairstyle Design 10

Lea Michael’s tampered bangs always look fresh. They can be pulled back and into a ponytail and washing your bangs when washing your hair. By this, you refresh your head without necessarily washing the whole head. It is for this reason that they can always stay fresh without stressing yourself with maintenance practises.

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